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Mike and I met Gary about 10 years ago while he was working as a Personal Trainer at Family Fitness (now LA Fitness). At that time our intent was to take the half dozen lessons that we are given as part of enrolment and then move on. After working with Gary all of that changed. Gary helped us to understand not only the importance of exercise but more importantly to understand what help each of us needed and then how to execute each activity correctly. Gary’s knowledge of fitness and healthy lifestyles is top class. He has an innate ability to know what his clients need to do in order to be able to achieve their goals. He is passionate about what he does and we know that he lives what he teaches in his personal life. Because of the time that we have spent with Gary over the years we continue to be physically active today. While we do not now work with Gary on a regular basis any time that we have a particular concern or if there is something new that we want to try we always reach out to Gary for advise. We would not hesitate to recommend Gary for his ability to guide others along a path of active and healthy living.

Mike & Betty Hodkinson,


I met Gary over 10 years ago when he was a Personal Trainer at Family Fitness / LA Fitness. I was looking for a trainer that would understand my personal needs, someone who could provide a program that would help me achieve my fitness and health targets, and encourage me to achieve those goals in a positive manner. Gary provided all of those programs to me and then some. His knowledge of fitness, of food, and wellness taught me more about being healthy than any program or book had. To this day the benefits of working with Gary continue to influence my life. I weigh less than I did twenty years ago, and have a better understanding of what results an efficient workout can achieve through timing, repetition and simple exercises, as opposed to just relying on lifting weights. I believe the best measure of a teacher is how much they continue to influence you once they are not directly in your life. Gary’s success is in the fact that I hear him “talk” to me whenever I’m not doing a program correctly, reaching for an unhealthy food substitute or simply seeing someone exercising who has not received the benefit of being taught correct exercising practices, all of which Gary did.

Richard Doornink, Business Owner

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