As a registered holistic nutritionist, weight management expert and personal fitness trainer with over 17 years of experience I’ve seen or heard just about every gimmick, fad diet and miracle pill you may have tried to lose weight and inches fast. While these “solutions” have worked for the short-term they’ve resulted in long-term disaster by wreaking havoc on your metabolism.  Not only do you gain the weight back you lost, but you gain a whole lot more.

Something very interesting to note is that many of the people that I’ve helped had originally damaged their metabolism through starvation type and the latest popular fad diets they were using to lose weight for a special occasion. Some wanted to look great for their wedding. Others wanted to fit into a bikini during their vacation.  Many complained about always being tired.

My method of eating and nutritional programming gets results with every type of client regardless of their body type and goals. The keys to successful nutrition are understanding your needs and providing the necessary tools to be successful. Society’s nutrition problems are not necessarily a result of bad genetics, but rather a result of bad choices and decisions.

Just as important, physical activity must be a part of your lifestyle if you expect to lead a life of optimal health.  As a competitive runner and basketball player, I am a big believer in education and that one should never stop learning to stay ahead of the curve.  I’ve invested my time and money to pursue learning through reading and courses from many of the biggest names and top minds in the health & fitness industry, I have helped 100s of people transform their lives knowing the importance of being fit for performance and overall well-being.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for guidance and help in reaching your performance or weight loss goals.